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No Gender - Only Force

Despite religious or cultural differences and physical distances, certain symbols appear across the diversity of human experience. In addition to their core undilute meaning, these archetypes also possess inherent energies that include masculine or feminine – or both. We dance with these forces from birth. They drive our identities, perceptions, and actions. Through a blend of real and fanciful, these images offer glimpses of where and how these aspects might and do manifest in the world around us – and inside our own narratives and psyches.

Given our preconceptions, any representation of the masculine and feminine, symbolic or otherwise, is fraught. Some images will reinforce widely held beliefs. Others may challenge them. And some will remain a mystery. My hope is viewers discuss the perceptions and emotions the images evoke and gain new insights into how our own beliefs and biases hinder or foster a more expanded and fluid view of these fundamental forces that transcend gender politics.  

21 sup_nat_sky_window_lo.jpg

Super Natural

Using both traditional and unexpected representations, Super Natural explores the enduring and universal symbolism of the portal: a bi-directional opening, threshold, or moment between ‘this’ and ‘that’, what we know and the mystery beyond. Portal crossings can be emotional, physical, or metaphysical. They are transformative - imparting something unimaginable to an earlier self. 

Now consider the crossing itself, and what might lie on the other side, or come through to ours. Consider further which portals appear more or less alluring, and why. In these inquiries may be found insights to help reconcile beliefs and emotions drawn from previous transitions, and desires and fears around imminent or unavoidable change to come.

This collection captures portals inspired by nature.  It is the first part of my Portals Project, an ongoing visual meditation on impermanence and transformation across a range of circumstances.

Close up on a statue's parted lips emanating a collar of muted hand drawn pastel feathers

Near Myth    Coming Soon 

Our pursuit of faith and devotion has infused every culture with its own mythologies - stories and characters representing the range of human experience, from base instincts to divine aspirations. Inspired by religion and folklore, these images distill some of the most emblematic, and often transcendent, symbols of our individual and collective belief systems, both contemporary and ancient.

By avoiding literal portrayals to instead infer the force that underlies the source narratives, the viewer is free to interpret what, if any, moral is delivered or lesson taught based on their own experience.   
Our species is capable of the most awful and most wonderful things. The stories we tell help remind us of those extremes amid the chorus of light and dark voices we all carry with us. Like the evergreen myths they represent, these images may offer a fresh mirror in which to see our own.


Semi Core

Work in progress

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