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Perception derives from visual layers, predictably and comfortably presented. Novel intentional reorganizing of these layers can place subject, and viewer, in an unconsidered light. The resulting images challenge  reality with common reference points that unexpectedly veer into a different place, recognizable yet unfamiliar.


I am a life-long SF Bay Area denizen, having split time between the professional world of branding and storytelling by day, and satisfying my reckless creativity as a club and music producer and digital arts developer afterhours. My photography attempts to capture and reflect this dichotomy through images rooted in reality but able to deliver a visceral vision of the surreal, the unseen or unsee-able. I am grateful for every day I receive and hopefully return the gift of new and better perspectives that enhance our collective humanity and expand our definitions of beauty. I currently live in San  Francisco with my partner and a big dog named Jasper.

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